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My name is Mack Mikulski, Master of Exercise Science. Owner and Director of Sharper Edge Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Personal Trainer. Devoted husband to my beautiful wife Ashley Mikulski. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I fell in love with the training and fitness world upon graduating from high school. A mentor of mine took me under his wing and trained me to prepare me for college football. He showed me that there is more to training than just sets, reps, and performance goals. We are always capable of more in life as human beings, in all capacities. He influenced me to pay it forward due to the great impact he had on my life.  I realized the impact I could have on others, which changed my path from training for the USMC to training to play college football.


I attended Ashland University from 2014-2019 to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and walk onto the football team. It took me two and a half years of hard work, perseverance, overcoming injuries, redshirt workouts, playing JV, and never losing sight of my goals. In 2017 I accepted Christ back into my life and got involved in Fellowship for Christian Athletes. I publicly claimed my life for Christ in 2018 when I chose to share my testimony in front of my fellow athlete friends and other students at an FCA meeting. That was the greatest decision I ever made because with God all things are truly possible. I earned my starting position as a fullback and went on to have success at that position. I was an accountability captain, earned the Offensive True Grit Award and Lifter of the Year my senior year at Ashland. It taught me with a mission and purpose, anything is possible.


I worked at a private facility called Athletic Performance Training Center on holiday breaks and summers during my time in undergraduate studies. I had the opportunity to take part in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to share the gospel and rebuild a school compound with the FCA organization. I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science in 2019 and had the opportunity to stick around as a graduate assistant at Ashland University in equipment management to obtain my master’s degree in Exercise Science - Strength and Conditioning. During my time as a graduate assistant, I had the chance to train multiple NCAA Division II teams, help coach the football team, compete in powerlifting, manage equipment and operations for 13 teams: all while taking graduate courses. Then the pandemic hit, which almost cost me my graduate assistant position. By the grace of God, they permitted me to finish my last 6 credit hours. I worked with the football strength and conditioning program that last semester while also working at D1 Sports Training in Columbus, Ohio. A franchised strength and conditioning facility that brought the college weight room setting to the public. I was bouncing back and forth from Ashland to Columbus multiple times during the week then back to Cleveland on the weekends to see my, at the time, fiancé and plan our wedding. Upon graduating with my master’s degree in 2020, I accepted a role at a private facility called Functions of Life - Cleveland Fitness and Performance. I organized and oversaw the implementation of a Barbell Strength Class. It was a huge hit, especially with women who have never used free weights before. It was amazing to see the empowerment transpire in the weight room. I went on to have a successful tenure at FoL; working with clients one on one, in group training settings, team strength and conditioning, and multiple group fitness classes.  


This brief, yet long winded, story of my life is just the tip of the iceberg describing my experiences in life. My tests have made one heck of a testimony that I am open to sharing. I believe we all grow through what we go through, and it is meant to be shared in order to help others go through it, whatever that may be. Over these past few months God has reassured me that I am in my purpose. He has blessed me with many mentors, relationships, opportunities, and experiences over the years to mold me into the man and coach I am today. He placed me in this position to own and lead a mission-based facility that is going to create waves of impact in the community.


It is truly humbling, and I cannot wait to sharpen the edge physically, mentally, and spiritually of whoever God leads into my path!

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